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  • PavanV
    10-10 12:15 AM
    I respectfully disagree, he is the president of USA and to its citizens, you might morally/personally declare him to be your president, but as long as your passport is not from USA you my friend are an alien (not extraterrestrial) living in the US of A :), please dont take this personally I am in the US too, and I got my passport recently renewed, and I had to pledge my allegiance in order to get my passport. It's just a law point. And I wish you all the best in your endeavor. Bharat mata ki Jai.

    Dear Friend, I am totally correct to congratulate and call Mr. Obama as our President. He is definitely our President, since we live in US soil. As I aspire to become a US citizen ( I know a long way ahead) I should love US more than any other country in the world.

    I dont believe in staying at one place and think of another place. US is very special in my heart that is why I want to become an US citizen eventually. I want to blend in the melting pot of US.

    I hope most of us immigrants feel the same way for the country we want to permanently live in. We did not select our country of birth but we have selceted US as our country to live in. So I feel I should love US more as I have selected this country as my country to be.

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  • ssinha63
    06-13 11:50 PM
    My son was on H4 and joined undergraduate course in Canada last year. He is Canadian permanent resident too. As per July VB, I can file for I-485. My question is:
    1. Can I and my wife file I-485 as AOS and file I-824 to change AOS to CP for my son, so that he may file I-485 as CP from US Consulate, Montreal, Canada?
    2. If not, what are the options?

    PD Apr'04
    I-140 approved

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  • nshalady
    06-19 01:02 AM
    You dont need an EAD, if you still have valid H1. AC21 has nothing to do with EAD. However, if your H1 is expiring soon, and you have already used up 6 years of H1, you would need an EAD, because H1 extension beyond 6 years is available only for people who cant file I485 because of retrogression.

    If you don't need EAD to use AC21 whats the use of EAD for the primary applicant?

    I was not planning to change company and just filed my 485 without EAD last week. But now situation has changed and the lawyer said i need EAD if i want to use AC21 after 6 months. I'm hoping to get a receipt notice soon so that i can file for EAD without the increased fees. Anybody has any link to where it says we don't need EAD for AC21 so i can check with my lawyer?

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  • jsb
    08-11 08:58 AM
    As visa bulletin is taking time, it suggests that somebody is putting some efforts in determining new cutoff dates. And they need to use up leftover visas. Hope to get a movement all across.


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-22 04:47 PM
    Can someone please post the updates if their cases approved. Only the ones whose cases have been pending for more than 60 days. Thank you.

    Current EAD expiring September 3rd week.
    Efiled on May 29th at TSC. FP done on June 28th.
    Card Production Ordered August 18th (81st day).
    Cards Received August 22nd (85th Day).
    Validity 2 Years.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    GO IV GO.

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  • styrum
    02-08 04:12 PM
    I filed an apeal for my first PERM too and preparing to file another one (through another company - you can't file another PERM via the same company while your first PERM is in appeal). Your's is there for longer than mine. I heard 4 to 6 months would be the time. Please let us know when and how yours is resolved.


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  • ragz4u
    03-22 08:37 AM
    This has been convered before in some thread and the admin was given a very very low figure for the revenues that could be generated with google ads

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  • sri1309
    03-17 03:38 PM
    Thanks for inputs in the forums.

    EB3-India cannot be discriminated.
    Anyone in EB3 after 2-3 years waiting is qualified under EB2-I. And we see people waiting for much more. How can we be discriminated then. We have to do something.

    We are able to get very good number of people with like minds in Edison, NJ and other big cities with big concentration. We are planning to start a drive against this discrimination, in about 2-3 weeks from now. We would like to write to the honorable policitians and processing centers like Texas and others and to USCIS to treat all fairly.

    1. EB3 India cannot be treated unfairly, wheras EB3-China is much ahead. Why is this.
    2. EB2-India is Feb 2004, wheras EB3 India is Nov 2001 for many years. Why is this.
    3. Why are allowing family immigration when skilled immigrants are waiting.
    4. Why should greencards be counted head-wise, whereas H visas are not.
    5. On the whole, why backlogs and punishing us.

    These are the lines in which our group plan to drive this.,send more ideas.

    For this we need money and more impo'ly efforts, so please contribute smartly as we request below.
    We have teams in all major software hubs like NJ, DC, Livermore, CA, TX, Detroit, and and will need volunteers. We will soon come up with a yahoogroup to communicate.

    We plan to send 10,000 letters and other awareness programs letters to the concerned people.
    We plan to have our small booths in temples where many people will come.
    We will print all the letters, you just need to buy the stamp from us and mail it.
    Or give us an envelope with the 42c stamp. We need about 5-10 from you all.. So its will be $5.00 per head. That way there will be no quesiton of transparency. But if you want to donate more, you are welcome, instead we will prefer you put your efforts in creating strenghr and pass the word.
    We cannot keep quite like this. There is no reason why EB3-India will move forward in current situations and with current rules.
    We know EB2 will be upset, but based on your contribution, we can fight together, else we will go alone. EB3 is big enough to go by itself.

    We plan to wear white dress with white caps.. for peace.. So we can be easily spotted. Give us a envelopes and stamps.. or we will give you addresses to send and the document.. As you wish...Or buy the stamps from us and take the printed content from us in free envelopes.

    Good one, but we must include EB2, and the points must be like the ones I listed in my thead "lets write to Ms. Zoe etc". Its dead now just after 3 days.. Thanks guys to kill it, W'll wake it up,. else someone pls do..

    This thread appears to divide EB2 and 3 from India.

    you..can use that content.. We must keep writing.


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  • stuckinmuck
    05-22 12:31 AM
    But haven't been able to figure out the signature mystery yet. Saved it millions of times but doesn't get tagged with my messages. Hope to be successful soon.


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  • rajesh_kamisetty
    08-13 09:03 PM
    I will do the #3 and #4 by tomorrow EOD.

    It is nice to see that the senior leadership is taking notice of the 'pain' some of us are going through right now.

    Disclosure : I have already received 2 year EAD (thanks to IV). I have taken initiative to bootstrap the effort to help others who haven't been so fortunate. Since we are all in the same boat let us watch each others back for a change, instead of trying to backstab each other at every available opportunity.

    This is NOT a yet another case tracker /EAD tracker thread. I don't believe that just tracking stuff will change anything. Be it EAD issue or any other, real world action is needed to solve it.

    I have started this thread to guage the impact this issue has had on our community , how many members are affected, what actions have been taken by them, so that next steps can be taken. If a large number of members are impacted IV may decide to take up the issue.

    Here are the options available to applicants

    1) Call National Customer Service Center and create a Service Request (SR) to expedite the case
    2) Fax and mail a letter to Service Center requesting to expedite the case due to possibility of job loss. Since the burden of proof is on the applicant - a letter from the company that EAD is necessary for continuation of job may help.
    3) If steps 1 and 2 don't produce the results and CRs refuse to open SRs citing silly reasons, USCIS Ombudsman may be approached.

    Here's how you can do that - http://www.dhs.gov/ximgtn/programs/editorial_0497.shtm

    4) Approach your US Congressmen/women Representative/Senators. Every office has a different form for requesting Immigration help. They can open an inquiry with USCIS on your behalf.

    Following the above (4) steps is no guarantee that your case will be resolved. But it is necessary that we follow all possible avenues before the issue needs to be escalated. We shouldn't feel embarassed at the question "Did you follow up with all these avenues available to you?". Our answer should be - "Yes. We did all that and it didn't help". And we should be able to produce the proof that we did do all the four steps mentioned above.

    If you have done all the four or after you have exhausted all avenues, AND are willing to take it further - speak to the media, participate in possible IV campaign etc., post your details. We need members ready to go public with the issue if we want to succeed.

    Right now, I have started this as an individual initiative. But I am sure that IV will get involved once it's proven that a large number are impacted and there are enough members to turn it into a campaign.


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  • Dhundhun
    06-24 01:22 AM
    forgot one thing.

    NO short forms.
    On the check write US department of homeland security
    NO dept.
    DONT forget "US"

    For EAD, $340 check payable to "USCIS" is OK. University instruction mentions chack payable to USCIS for EAD and thousands of students made check payable to USCIS.

    Refer below also for more explanation:

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  • hari_123
    08-26 02:07 AM
    Mine is Sept 2005 and just voted..... Best of luck to all



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  • indio0617
    03-03 10:21 AM
    one more thing when I need to add in bill pay do i need to select company or person..
    pls let me know immigration voic contact ph no also..



    You can choose company. Here is our contact info:

    PO Box 114
    New Jersey

    Email: info@immigrationvoice.org
    Telephone: (281) 576-7185

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  • vikram2101
    09-19 04:03 PM
    If you are past 180 days after filing 485 you can change jobs using H1b transfer or EAD. If you use EAD it does not matter if it is profit or non profit.
    Your new employer can send letter in any format, but 99% chances that your AC21 will never reach your file - because there is no system in place for it. USCIS treat AC21 letter as response to an RFE - so if you change job you are fine - make sure you update your address on file so that if they send an RFE, you can respond to it, always use a lawyer for everything. In case your ex employer requests USCIS to revoke your 140 then you may get a NOID which is also treated as an RFE. A lot of Visa Officers do not know about AC21 portability - I met one such officer during Infopass and she had no clue about it - may send a denial on 485 - in such cases your case can be reopened through MTR.

    You may not even get an RFE at times and things could just be as fine. Hope this helps.

    Also consult with an Attorney - it really really helps

    Not entirely true, I switched job a couple of months ago - filed for AC21. I got an acknowledgment from USCIS for the same - stating that it will be added to my file, to be reviewed when my application is processed.


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  • h1techSlave
    07-23 10:50 AM
    I know my lawyer had sent all our cases to NSC. But did NSC send any cases to TSC?

    PD : March 2004
    Category : EB2
    I140 - Approved
    I485 - Filied on July 2 10.45am

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  • anai
    03-28 09:08 AM
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    I can understand the emotion and commotion among my fellow beings who are stuck with BECs. I waited agonizing 5 years to get my labor cleared. We all clearly understand what are you guys going through.

    But the thing is that Labor Certification issues are taken care with PERM implementation. Also the administration set up 2 BECs to take care of them back logs. Now the issue is purely administrative and not law making. Also BECs made it clear that by Oct 2007 all the back logs will be cleared.

    Right now big things are happening in the immigration law making. So I think we should concentrate to get the best out of it and achieve our goals on the Green Card Visa issues. As Tom Tancredo is going to fight with teeth and nail against Immi Bills, we have to do the same.

    There are many others issues we can lobby for such as

    1) Starting H1B stamping inside the US again( Which was stopped in 2005)
    2) Allow H1B spouses to work. etc etc

    But I believe our priority for the time being should be Retrogression. I request all of you to use this thread for finding a person to testify.


    Mindblowing. Do people really believe the Oct 2007 deadline? Haven't we seen many deadlines come and go? This is extrememly unfair to those stuck at BEC; don't go around spreading this impression that the BEC issue has been resolved.

    If indeed the majority at IV believe that BEC is not a problem, then it would not be a stated goal of IV. Let me repeat, so long as it is listed as a goal, it is the moral responsibility of all of to support and work towards resolving the issue.

    This is important. Don't just pretend to support IV and play down what matters to others. Your must support all the goals we have at IV and not pick and choose what you like.

    Also please don't repeat the false logic of "labor certs will be taken care of by PERM." If that is the case why would we at IV have BEC resolution as a goal? The least you can do it not try to dilute the seriousness of the BEC issue, even if you don't care much about the problem.


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  • fcres
    03-19 03:54 PM
    Another person I know; he had H-1b and was working for some motels (he specifically told me he did IT work and wasn't working as a clerk and the company was a holding company with many motels). His case was transferred to local office. Local office called him and stated they wanted him to come to office next day. When he went they asked him why he was listed as an account signatory on the motels bank account. They thought he wasn't doing h-1b work and was doing unauthorized work.

    My employer has made me an account signatory in one of his other company(a sister company of my H1company), so i can take the money out for travel expenses. Is that going to create any problem? I have my regular pay check coming from my H1 company.

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  • gcformeornot
    04-16 08:23 PM
    After multiple requests to my employer, i finally was able to get a scanned copy of my I-140 approval notice. It's just the approval notice and not the original I-140.

    My questions is, is that enough to port my PD in case i want to change my job and switch the company??

    How can just copy of 140 approval enough. In order to port I think you need job title and description...

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  • Junky
    09-22 03:13 PM
    I am using my milky rollover mintues :D
    Please evey one should call.
    Call Baby Call!!!

    Poll Added Folks....Lets burn those line..even if you have to go use those Milky Rollover minutes ( They are perfectly fine to user here...you don't have to throw them away )

    06-21 10:38 AM
    Can someone clarify my original question please?

    06-25 11:27 AM
    Desi3933 - Thanks for the helpful information.

    I will talk to the employers for the next steps.

    You are welcome. Good Luck.

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