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  • kavita
    07-02 12:40 PM
    To make an impact, we need in the order of 50,000 to 100,000 letters with their personal US address on it. Anything less doesn't hold any water..

    From what I remember, when we wrote to President Bush, only 5000 letters were sent.
    I dont think a number like 50,000 could ever be reached.

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  • vutharkar
    09-22 04:40 PM
    Since most of the west coast people who found it diffcult to attend the DC rally, was because of the cost/total flight time etc, for future may be it might be a better idea to conduct coordinated east coast (DC or new jersey or where ever there are huge legal immigrant aspirants) and west coast (silicon valley/bay area) rallies simultaneously. Probably even one somewhere in middle of USA (Texas ?)..

    That way, not only does it give an impression that its a wide spread effort and get better noticed, but also make it more convenient for people to attend. And also may instill some sense of friendly competition between local IV chapters to 'beat the numbers' and may encourage people to attend the local rallies in huge numbers. And also it will even out the effect of some local region having poor attendance.

    Also the burden on the 'core team' will also be spread out evenly, so we can conduct more such rallies in future at a shorter notice and with lesser effort. Key to this is developing the local chapters more, making them more autonomous and regulated.

    It also has been mentioned in various posts that the hierarchical structure of the organization is not very transparent and many people seem to be still confused between 'core members'/admins versus 'senior members' and volunteers. I agree IV is by us and for all of us. But it doesn't hurt to have a streamlined organizational structure...(may be such a structure is already in place...if so then it needs to be more transparent ) That will make IV look more professional also.

    Coming to ideas like sending more flowers ...or stoppers etc....
    We need to be careful to not overdo things. It might dilute the intention and may even send negative message. And also sometimes well intentioned creative ideas but not immediately apparent, can fall flat.

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  • sidchhikara
    05-14 06:38 PM
    this is my 10th year in the US & never had a single incident along the racial lines.. probably I lucked out.. However, I don't subscribe to this opinion of removing moustache..... I am proud of my bushy moustache & have had women admire that at/outside work.. But I do agree 100% on all the other points you raised..
    Brother, I take the moustache part back, I put that in from the point of view of popular culture, because I have heard that the ladies like clean shaven men!! But If the opposite works for you - Enjoy and I hope you get lucky!!

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-05 02:48 PM
    Most people has very misconception about "parole". It is not a free/flexible travel document like visa. As a AOS applicant, one should not leave US till it is approved/denied. One MUST present in US during AOS. The parole is only for any emergency purpose; which is similar to prisioners. As USCIS is flexible, in approving the AP, the people don't realize the travel limitation of AP. They are travelling on AP for vatation/fun etc.. As per law, the AP is not intended for it. The CBP officer was right in asking the legitimacy of the travel. The AP document clearly says it is based on "humanitation" admission to retrun after an emergency travel.

    Technically, you are right. But on the other hand, it was at a time when one had to wait at the most 6 months for AOS.
    But, for people from India, on EB categories, the wait is not months, its in YEARS. So, its irrational to go by whats written there.

    On the other hand: I think we must request USCIS to recognize this underlying problem with EB folks that are primarily from India. They must print an exception on the AP for India and exclude the wording "for emergency purpose only". I don't know if USCIS has the discretionary power to amend minor changes.


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  • Kumbakonam
    11-04 01:18 AM
    Check ICICI. I think it is called a NRE account. You can fund it in Dollars and Rupees and it could be repatriated in Dollars. So just open the account and have them deposit the monies India, you can draw it here. This kind of account is for NRI's who earn an income in India and want to access it here.
    There is a limit I think but it must be like $25K..

    Good Luck

    If you have an NRE or NRO account, the money cannot be deposited into those accounts from India. This is my personal experience.

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  • ragz4u
    04-03 10:34 AM
    Looks like the guy we engage for our cause gets a shot to speak about immigration on WSJ and guess what he forgets us all together. Great job for picking QGA core team.

    I am just reposting my post from yesterday just so that the people on core can read my thoughts…

    I don’t mean to insult your intelligence, but who ever came up with ideas to ask, celebrities, a noble laurite and other accomplished folks from the immigration community to send faxes does not have the slightest plan on how to make this succeed.

    If this is the kind of ideas the “lobbyists” QGA is giving us, may we need some fresh blood in helping us out. I completely agree “eb3retro” in working with in helping us get our message across. PLEASE STOP THIS INSANE IDEA OF SENDING FAXES all the time either from members of IV or asking other people to do it on our behalf. We are hurting ourselves and don’t even know it. As I have said in my earlier posts “We need the Erin Brockovich of immigration to help us on this, and I am the AILA or similar organization can do this for us.”

    Good Luck.

    Quite frankly, I did not want to reply to your post, but your repitition above forces me to!

    1) You have NO idea what it was like to find a lobbyist ready to work with us given a) We are dealing with a very sensitive issue b) We had only 10K in cash (5K raised by core members) and another 10K promised again by the core team. Do a real exercise and get a lobbyist to sign a contract with you for after revealing to them that you have only 20K. Try it now with even 50K and see how many lobbyists are ready to tow your line

    2) Regarding your talk of Erin Brockovich and all, you do not even seem to grasp the fact that AILA is interested in the 11 million undocument workers. 500,000 skilled workers are nothing but a drop in the ocean compared to them.

    In any case, have you done your part in contacting AILA? We have! Its easy to sit on the fence and complain but it takes conviction to actually DO something

    3) Do you have any idea how difficult the task is to get amendments in? Do you know how much a fine balance the Republicans and Democrats achieved and are not ready to take on anything that might disturb the balance? Also do not forget that 500K people is not even 1% of the US population but 11 Million illegal immigrants make a sizeable chunk and alsong with Hispanics make more than 13% of the population. Now given this, who would you as a politician try to appease? 13% of the population or 0.1% of it?

    4) And what made you think that faxing celebrities is an idea of the core team or QGA? Please read the posts again. It was an idea by a member!


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  • bkr
    08-25 12:20 PM
    Yes, I am also in the same boat. Filed my 9th year extension in March, responded RFE during 1st week of August. Mine will be expiring in 3 more days. Hoping to get the extension soon.

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  • chanduv23
    10-03 06:06 AM
    Folks ,

    I will try my best, I work in North Jersey , Usually I leave from my office around 7 PM, I will let you know

    Same here, I work in Fort Lee - I plan to start early on that day.


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  • willigetgc?
    07-01 11:09 AM
    Good thing about the meeting was that it was not dominated with just illegal immigration. Legal immigrants got their share of time and recognition. I have to believe that our advocacy efforts in DC bore some fruits here......

    He made sure that legal immigration problems needs to be simultaneously solved and also the fact that illegal immigrants are held accountable for breaking the laws....He mentioned backlogs and retrogression...We just need to get the congress to work on it!!!

    IV's main points of needing republican support, and advocating for their support on the CIR framework.... well, they were the main needs that Obama mentioned too.
    Go IV

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  • chanduv23
    05-12 11:11 AM
    I ran across this article in one of the websites and read through all the links. I think, there is a strong message in this case, something I have personally faced in the past and do still face at at a smaller level. Though it is not an attempt to help raise money for her. Do please go through those news articles.
    Moderators can delete this thread if it is not relevant.

    [B]Neelima is a native of AndhraPradesh, and most of you know about her racial discrimination and harassment law suit and her fight against injustice (below are the links for details) in US. On March 26 her case is going to trial in Dallas Federal Court.The legal battle has changed their life completely – financially and emotionally. The harassments, threats, slurs and retaliation that she faced at Caremark left her with no option but to file a discrimination lawsuit against the company. Because of the extreme harassment, she was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder resulting in her husband quitting his job to take care of her and their two small kids. Their American dream was shattered, they exhausted their savings, sold their house and car just to bear expenses and survive. With no health insurance her medical bills piled up as a result of the hospitalizations, expensive medications and treatments. Despite all these setbacks, she intends to keep the battle alive and keep fighting for a just cause.

    Her fight is not against America or Americans, it’s against injustice. She is fighting for the dignity and the rights of every one of us.


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  • a.j.2048
    10-02 08:01 PM
    His child is born in USA and thus his child is US Citizen and so he can only apply for US passport. He can not apply for Indian passport for his child.


    You have to register the birth with the consulate (to get an Indian birth certificate) within a year using this form (see part II) (, following which you should be able to get an Indian passport. The USA will not issue a visa on this passport since it considers the child to be a US citizen. However, US policy in this regard does not matter if the child never travels to the US.

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  • gc_check
    02-24 12:23 PM

    Need ur participation... I'm not an active member, but have done my part.

    As you all know the famous saying, "Make hay when the sun shines", we have to act on right time to succeeed in our efforts. I see 800+ registered members.. Counting atleast $100 each, we should atleast be close to 50% of the target.. but it not the case here, Most of us have been in this country for years and also are planning to make this our home... Contributing $100, should not be a big deal.. Folks please join hands together... and help the folks who are actively working on this... .

    Also each of us, already members in the group, atleast should try to get minimum one new member to this groups within next week time, we should be able to increase the membership rate dramatically and the contributions too....

    "United We Stand"


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  • gsc999
    09-22 12:21 AM
    The broken system is causing a reverse brain rain, right? Well How about we:

    1- Each one of us buys 10 bath tub stoppers (you know, the stoppers you use when taking a bath, to stop the water from going down the drain) and mail them to Congress, Media, USCIS, etc- With a letter "Please stop the self-inflicted U.S. Reverse Brain Drain, already 100,000 highly-skilled have left, stop the 10-year green card delays for LEGAL highly-skilled immigrants that is pushing them out of the country in frustration and lured by the boming economies of their home countries. Retain these highly-skilld immigrats that the U.S. needs while American universities train more Americans in the sciences, math and technology that the country does NOT currently have and desperately needs to retain U.S. global leadership and competitiveness"...or something like that

    2-At the same time, we ALL send WHITE roses to Congress (Roses are now IV's trademark, we are known for them and the peace they mean, and roses should probably be on IV's logo too) Attach same note

    THAT will send a strong message!!! (trust me)
    Last year anti-immigrants send bricks to lawmakers to make a point about broken borders, strong symbolism, bricks to construct walls.

    In a similar way, this seems like an interesting idea.

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  • Caliber
    04-02 01:41 PM
    Probably you were busy with your GC and someone else was doing what your balls should do..

    We have 2 pages of posts, but just 150.00.

    Sanju is right when he says, we are High-tech educated illiterates.

    You have 15 posts. First you were crying for EAD, then GULTI, now all this.

    And you think this is the way for convincing law makers on our contributions to American society? Is it because of your bad language, the law makers should give your spouse, EAD?


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  • chanduv23
    02-23 04:49 PM
    Hi Shana

    If I understand your question correctly, then if you are using H1 then you need to be on payroll all the time. Does not matter whether or not using AC21. This applies even after 180 days of your AOS. If you use EAD then you can be without a job.

    Not sure what Shana wants, looks like he is feeling insecure about the whole process of changing jobs or layoffs etc....

    He wants assurance that AC21 works fine and he will not have any issues.

    I can only say - AC21 protects you, but cannot guarantee the ride will be smooth.

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  • vinodmp
    02-07 08:50 AM
    I would also check if your original GC sponsoring employer (Company A) is not involved in any fraud investigations by USCIS. In which case, USCIS can revoke an approved I-140 without any notice on the basis of fraud, which would automatically lead to your I-485 denial. I-140 online status may or may not change in such cases. Your case being in extended review is raising some flags. Do you know anything about the kind of extended review that was going on. Your lawyer on file, as well as you should get a copy of the notice. Make sure no communication was sent to the lawyer from Company A. Sometimes USCIS does not update the lawyer information even though a new G-28 is submitted. You will have to just wait for the denial notice. Send an email to info at immigrationvoice dot com so IV can get in touch with you to help.

    I do not believe original employer was involved in any Fraud but he did have financial trouble ( paying salary after 2 months , check bounce etc - that is the main reason I left) .
    That company is MSU software based in Iowa ( just in case if anyone knows about it ) .

    I tried several times approaching USCIS as well as Congressman's office to find the details of delay / extended review status etc but all I got was we need to wait until the review is complete.

    I had switched attorney as soon as I joined company B and they AC21 and I have copy of the all the docs including the letter requesting to remove the old company A attorney . Also last my company B changed the attorney firm to a different one and they did sent a new G28 for that .

    I am kind of stressed until I see the letter which is going to be delayed because of the snow Storm :( .

    I have sent the email to just now.

    Thanks folks for all your support. it really helps that some is there to here the concerns and provide suggestions .



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  • aristotle
    02-07 12:20 PM
    It all depends on the job requirements. MS+0 or BS+5 is considered as EB2. May be you can get a written statement from another well known attorney to help convince yours. Or you can try to use a different attorney if your employer permits.

    Thank you all for the responses.

    I am EB-ROW and EB2 is current for me.

    you said "you must get a job zone 5 classification to file EB-2. Note that "information technology manager" is job zone 5". I am not in a manager position. I am software engineer/developer.

    Is there any way EB2 can be filed. What should I tell my compary lawyer? I told him my friends in other companies are able to file EB2. they are also software developers. He says "The other companies should not be able to file EB2 for software engineers but I can't say what another company's hiring history would allow and what they are willing to risk in filing a case which surpasses the minimum requirements allowed by DOL."

    How do I convince him. Is there any documentation or link which I can show him which states that software developers can file EB2?

    Thanks again all..

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  • lazycis
    05-01 09:24 PM
    Actually...with India growing up fast....i do not know if I am wasting time here.....want to go back .....
    If there is no growth in India...then it makes sense to stay here....
    GDP - per capita: India $2,700, US - $46,000
    GDP total: $1.09 trillion v. $13.79 trillion
    Inflation rate: 5.9% v. 2.7%
    growth rate: 8.5% v. 2.2%

    It may make sense for you, I am not completely aware of the situation in India. I agree that the situation with GC is bad for EB3 India, but I think there are plenty of opportunities here as well. Just do not base your decision on emotions, keep your cool...

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  • Honda
    04-15 03:51 PM
    I am from Massachusetts.

    I know couple of states like atlanta & texas with out having insurance also they will admitted the pregnent people.

    In atlanta


    Ask them if they have any chain system or else you can go for atlanta (That is the worst situation.) I know they charge only very less amount..... Please let me know if you need any thing else.

    08-13 08:56 PM
    I appllied on May 12 and did FP on May 31, besides one LUD on July 1st, nothing has happened as of yet. I opened a service request but I ma not expecting anything to happen. Mine expires in Oct., so I still have some more time.

    What's the way to contact the senator? I am from MA.

    12-27 01:17 AM
    Hi, me and my wife we both r on H1b. My wife works with a solution & service LLC.say company A, now the owner is ready to start a new company, say B,with my wife as partner. She will be just passive investor in the company and getting profits, if any from company B. Can she still work full time with company A?. How can we invest in company B and take profits. What r IRS forms?. Finally any good attorney suggestions for Houston, TX.

    What are the options for business formation,

    Does anyone see any issue with this kind of formation and GC process for me.


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